Testimonials about Rossiter

My leg muscles were getting tighter and tighter as time went by.  I felt so stuck.  I had tried a lot of different things, and they did work up to a point, but in very little time my legs would be in the same condition.  My first time doing Rossiter with Cat was very different from the start.  As she applied pressure to my legs and directed my movements, I could feel an intense shifting in my legs.  The next day my legs were the best they've been in a long, long time.  I was afraid the work would not hold, but the treatment, although at times was painful, has held just fine.  I feel hope and am enjoying my freedom.  Thanks Cat!!!

-Bonnie Rothman, RAC member

I am 43 years old and have beat my body down for many of those years. Working 15 years as a night stocker in the retail grocery business ( in addition to watersports, cycling, snowboarding, powerlifting and ice hockey ) has left my joints a bit tired.  After driving a standard transmission regularly for about 6 months, my left knee developed some irregular action and medium to intense pain. I have been a Yogi for over thirty years and spent ten years as an office manager in a wellness clinic. I tried some of the techniques that had proven helpful in the past with limited success. Following my first session, my pain was 2% of what it had been for the previous year, and it has remained so.  I would rank my experience with Coach Cat and PurRossiter among the most profound. This technique has helped me have nearly pain-free Asana ( posture ) practice and overall stability in my knee. I have since participated in subsequent Rossiter coachings, and enjoy increased stability and range-of-motion in those areas as well. Whether their goal is pain relief or avoiding injury, I give [Cat's] card  to everyone I know. Know Acception. Peace.

- James Henderson

I started to have significant pain in my left wrist and elbow from carrying and holding my almost 1 year old baby. As a way to compensate and to avoid certain positions, I developed poor body mechanics and also began guarding my shoulder. Although my first session with Cat was somewhat painful, I felt a lot of relief afterwards and continued feeling relief after a series of appointments with Cat. I liked how she worked on me as a whole unit, rather than just narrowing in on my left side. It's been several months since my last session with Cat and I am pain free thanks to a few short sessions of Rossiter. I highly recommend it!

-Jenna M.

I was walking around like an old lady. My right foot was plagued with planter fasciitis. I felt I was destine to walk with a limp for the rest of my life. I was feeling down and losing hope. Then I met Cat! She is very knowledgable in what she does. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but I thought "what the heck, I got nothing to lose and everything to gain." She had me walking like a person of me age in 3 sessions! I am no longer a skeptic I'm a firm believer in Rossiter in Purrossiter! I've got my life back and I'm skipping not limping through life! Cat changed my life, she ROCKS!

-Pam H. (50)

It just so happened on the day I went to see Cat I had one of my legendary, all-day headaches that not even a hand full of ibuprofen could tranquilize. I told Cat about my headache and she set forth with a plan of attack to not only try and dull the pain but get rid of it all together. Cat was constantly talking to me during the workout -making sure the pressure was good and what she was doing was working. It was. Within 20 minutes of starting the stretch, I could feel the pain going away. If you don't know Cat Turner and what Rossiter can do for you - be it headaches, knee pain or any other sort of aches and pains - I urge you to check it out.

- Jon Yunt

Atorn rotator cuff left me in a lot of pain and with very limited range of motion. I did a lot of Physical Therapy, which helped a lot, but I still had pain for months and couldn't sleep well at night because of it. Cat worked on my shoulder and that was the final push my body needed to heal itself and finally be rid of the pain. I noticed a difference after my first session with her and it kept improving. At first, I was a bit skeptical about whether the treatment would work or not, but felt very comfortable with Cat. Her constant encouragement and instruction lets you know exactly what is happening and what will come next. So glad I gave Rossiter a chance!

- Marie H. (44)

In the past when I was preparing for a triathlon I would get regular massages. Until I met Cat. I first went to her mostly out of curiosity, to see what she had to offer. But from the first visit I was hooked. I had a few aches that I knew could blow up into bigger issues if not addressed. Cat was able to keep those areas healthy and a few months later I won my age group at the Florida 70.3 Ironman triathlon. Now, I see Cat to maintain my ability to consistently train and to stay healthy. Furthermore, Cat has a great personality which is a nice bonus when she is digging for “gold”!

-Amy L. D.O.

Having torn my lumbar disk several years ago, I have had an uphill battle working with physicians and physical therapists. While the pain was manageable, I honestly never thought that I would be able to return to the highly demanding sports and training that I enjoy. Upon meeting Cat Turner and undergoing Rossiter for several weeks, everything has changed.
I am now able to train and immerse myself in the grueling sports that I love. Cat was able to find the rigid areas of muscle -especially around my hips, quadriceps, and hamstrings- that was causing the chronic pain, and loosen them drastically. Training that once seemed impossible is now available for me to undergo again. I owe Cat everything for allowing me to return to the greatest joys in my life.

-Blake Volkmer

Thank you so much for all your help with my right elbow. I was in so much pain during our first session and losing sleep over it as well. You really have a talent for locating the source of the discomfort and helping to alleviate it.
You were so patient and encouraging as I worked through the pain and tightness in the surrounding areas (ie, triceps and shoulder). I am so glad that I can get back to the things I enjoy doing such as, knitting, baking, lifting weights, running and Zumba.
I would recommend you to anyone wanting relief from pain.

Barbara Brodsack

Rossiter has helped me in so many ways. I started Rossiter with Cat to "finally" deal with tightness and strain in my hips and low back, as well as knee and ankle issues. Let's just say it took a few reminders...
Yet once I started, my pains and strains became much less frequent. I actually began to feel comfortable in my body again.
Because of Cat's training, I am now more aware of the layers of muscle and connective tissue in my own body. I can better sense the "edge" of my physical capabilities and limitations. As a result, I listen to my body better, I injure myself a lot less, and I have increased flexibility.
What is also great about the flexibility Cat has helped me develop is that I actually feel better both during and after strenuous activity.
In the end, due to Cat's superior training, I have been given a system that heals me, helps me heal myself, gets me more flexible, and keeps me there. Of course, as with any training, you get out of it what you put into it. Rossiter with Cat is a great way to increase your overall health.

-Amy U., Raintree Athletic Club Member

To all those with pain who can’t seem to find relief, I DID find relief, thanks to Rossiter from Cat Turner. In my left shoulder and forearm, I experienced great pain when lifting as little as ten pounds during my workouts. I had been to practitioners of other methods, and I had received some benefit as long as I limited the weight I lifted. That was not me, though. Cat gave me a ten-minute demonstration, no drugs--all natural. I really liked the results. I scheduled two Rossiter sessions with Cat. A month has passed since my treatments, and I have no limits on the weight I can lift now, and I have no pain whatsoever!
In the future, perhaps injuries will occur because I am an active senior, but I know who to call: Cat Turner, Certified Rossiter Coach (and miracle worker)!
Thank, Cat!

-Rudy Lucero, RAC Member