What is Rossiter?

The Rossiter System© is an amazingly effective two-person connective tissue stretch. It targets the source of tightness and pain. The Rossiter System's collection of alternative techniques prevents and relieves pain naturally.

How Does Rossiter Work?

These Four Constants are the key to having a body that is pain free and moves with comfort and ease: Communication, Food, Movement and Space.

The Rossiter System is built on recognizing that PAIN IS INFORMATION and that having a pain free, mobile body depends wholly on having enough internal space to function properly. The body's system of "space" is the connective tissue. Connective tissue does what is says - it connects virtually everything to everything else in your body. It gives your body form and function.

When connective tissue is healthy, it is naturally loose. When you have appropriate looseness or "space", your body has the ability to communicate with itself in the form of circulation of blood, nerve conduction and movement. With proper space, your body is able to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all your tissues. It can achieve this because there is enough room for everything to move and communicate freely.

Pain and immobility occur when connective tissue gets tight, shortened, thickened, and hard. This can happen with injury, over use, misuse, non use and age. Often it is a combination of these factors.

When we ignore pain, it often gets worse until we are forced to do something about it. The first thing you will usually notice is joint stiffness. You ignore that. Next, the area starts to ache a little. That is ignored. That ache gets more and more painful, and you become increasingly unable to ignore this important information.

Think about those days you've spent sitting at a computer all day. Your neck and shoulders get tight. If you ignore it, the tightness gets worse, perhaps spreading to other areas in the form of a headache or arm and wrist pain.

Your body wants you to move, stretch and be active! A few Rossiter techniques can immediately restore the looseness and flexibility to your connective tissue - back to where it should be. The pain and joint stiffness disappear and you can go back to feeling better - quickly!

Try Rossiter Workouts for:

Knee pain
Low back pain and sciatica
Stiff necks
Shoulder and upper back pain
Achy feet and stiff knees
Plantar fasciatis
Hip pain
Arm, wrist, and elbow pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Elbow tendonitis
Sports injuries

Regain the mobility you've lost AND get pain free with Rossiter!

Rossiter in Action

Below are some of the Rossiter stretches demonstrated by Cat:

Traps: neck stiffness and pain, headaches, upper back pain

Gas Pedal and Tootsie Roll: back pain and hip pain/tightness

Hip Slide: Treats hip and back pain, SI joint pain

Bicep Torque/Wave: treats shoulder/arm/bicep pain, elbow tendonitis

Calf Crunch: Treats knee pain, ankle/foot/achilles pain, plantar fasciitis

Rocking Ham: hamstring, knee and back pain

Hole-in-shoulder: Treats shoulder pain, tightness, frozen shoulder, upper back pain.