Meet the Rossiter Coach

Cat TurnerCat moved to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University.  After graduation, she started a family and her journey into fitness.  Movement has always been a part of Cat’s life:  dance, gymnastics, sports, cheer, etc.  She has been a group exercise instructor since 1998 and you may see her teaching Body Flow, Body Jam, Body Step, or yoga. 

Since childhood, Cat has been motivated by movement.  It seems only natural that she was drawn into the world of fitness and wellness.  Cat is a certified instructor in Body Flow, Body Jam, Body Step, Kickboxing, Yoga and Zumba.  As a fitness and yoga instructor, she encourages people to move and stretch.  As a Rossiter coach, she encourages people to move and stretch their way out of pain and stiffness. 

Cat suffered a severe back injury, finding relief only through the help of Rossiter stretching.  This experience opened a path to becoming a Rossiter coach.  As a Certified Rossiter coach, Cat combines her passions for movement and stretch with the love of helping people find greater mobility.  Pain is a common obstacle in moving well.  Rossiter stretching is an avenue out of pain that is safe and incredibly effective. 

"My family has had amazing Rossiter experiences:  complete recovery from a severe back injury, restoring a chronic knee injury back to full health, relief from carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, headaches and hand numbness.  Ross stretching is truly amazing!"
-Cat Turner, Rossiter Coach